There are a lot of people in the world testing their luck in different cities. It is not an easy thing to settle down at what you thought of yourself, it requires patience, courage, focus, consistency and a lot of hard work to achieve something in life. There is a possible case that you may be working hard somewhere you don’t belong. You should consider shifting from that place. Dubai has been progressing day by day financially since the crisis of 2008, Dubai has shifted its economy from oil-based to now many other sectors. Construction and tourism is one part of it. You can find a lot of opportunities in this city, whether you are an investor or a job-seeking talented youngster. People seeking to make a living are investing in off plan properties in Dubai while some are wealthy enough to buy already made luxury villas. All of them are seeking opportunities to avail.

Many recruiting agencies in Dubai are working very hard to employ as many people as they can. The hays are one of the reputable agencies in this city, the others are Bayt and Monster Gulf dominating the online job-seeking world of Dubai.

Here is a list of some work opportunities in Dubai:


The city won the bid for the expo, and the excitement of the city for winning was worth witnessing. This expo has attracted many tourists and opened opportunities for many people from all across the globe.


The opening of The Dubai Park that includes Bollywood park, Legoland, Riverland, and Motiongate. These parks are opened next to each other in a huge development outside of Dubai. These are the largest theme parks in the Middle East.

The parks are spread on 25 million square feet. The bigger the opportunity, these parks have a lot of positions for people like executive, managers, accountants, and sales positions. There is a huge opportunity for youngsters to work here.

There are performances in the park so they need singers, dancers, special acts, and more. So if you are an artist and looking for an opportunity then you must try your luck here.


High-level professionals like engineers, auditors, and myriads must be aware of Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, as there are vacancies for them in ENEC. They are dedicated to delivering safe nuclear energy in the United Arab Emirates.


People are increasingly visiting Dubai for medical problems, as it is much cheaper than in Europe. People from Asia prefer to be treated in Dubai than in Europe. The services of private hospitals and public hospitals are excellent.

The rate of cosmetic surgery in Dubai is high.

As more people are visiting the city for their treatment they need a high-level professional for their hospitals and people to diagnose them. There is a certain demand for doctors as well as a hospital administrator.

You can search for jobs in Dubai Media city or The American Hospital Dubai.


Teaching is a very respectful profession, Dubai has several schools, colleges, and Universities. Many Language courses are offered by the British council and CELTA training for teachers who are interested to work with them. There are many recruiting agencies searching for teachers, you can apply to any one of them as well.


The real estate business in Dubai is progressing every day. The new buildings are constructed every new year, and the villas and apartments are being built every new year. The foreign and local investors are continuously investing in Dubai real estate business. There is a good opportunity in this business.


Emirates Airlines and FlyDubai are among the top airlines in the world. Both airlines are hiring people actively.  The airports are excellent and provide good services. There are many opportunities to work in the airport or any airlines of Dubai

Dubai has a lot of opportunities for people to work, as the city is continuously growing the need for manpower is also increasing. There is a really good time for the job-seeking people to start exploring this city and apply for any job there, also for the investors to seek for any off plan property in Dubai or any suitable investment. One should start exploring the opportunities in this city as quickly as possible.